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Visit our Downtown Huntington Beach store and rent a pair of Quad Roller Skates for a few hours!

Not sure if you're ready to purchase your own pair yet? This is a fantastic way to find out! Have a friend who is in town but doesn't have their own skates? We are here to help get them rolling with you!


The Huntington Beach Boardwalk beach path is just a couple of blocks from our store, and there are other great areas to skate around our neighborhood. We even offer Outdoor Skating lessons! 

Complimentary protective gear sponsored by S1 Helmet Co. is offered with roller skate rental (in store only).

Rental cost is $20 for the first hour then $10 per hour thereafter. Renter must be 18+ with valid/ current form of government ID and will be required to provide a credit card and sign a waiver. Renters 18 under must have a legal guardian to fill out a waiver on their behalf. 

As an added perk, renters will also receive a $20 voucher to apply towards the purchase of a pair of roller skates (with minimum of 2 hour rental, same day as rental purchase)!

Group rentals also available. Please inquire.

Call 714.655.2266 for more info.


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