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Jack and Sally Roller Skate Toe Caps from Christy Stitches.


Adorn your precious roller skates with Christy Stitches Skate Accessories!

(*Roller Skates shown are sold seperately)


These beautiful "toe caps" are fashionable as well as practical in that they protect the front of your roller skates from getting scratched up when over-extending to stop, dragging your toes when skating or pressing on your toes when standing up from sitting.

They also protect the stitching that seams your toe box together.


All designs are handmade. Please note this design is a Custom Order and may take up to 2-3weeks to be shipped, Thank you!


**Please note your roller skate size and model in the notes at checkout for proper sizing**

CHRISTY STITCHES - Jack and Sally Roller Skate Toe Caps



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