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4 PACK (So dont forget to buy 2!) The Chaya Neon LED outdoor quad wheel will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Built with long-lasting super high rebound polyurethane (PU) this outdoor wheel (78A) is high quality, smooth rolling, and shines bright thanks to a series of white LED lights within the hub that gleam as the wheel spins. Perfect for shining bright from sunset to evening cruising outdoors – just for fun, or to stay safe – this wheel won’t let you down. Features: Sold in 4 packs; two 4 packs required for a complete set. Size: 65x38mm Material: SHR Super High Rebound Hardness: 78A Also available in Teal and White/ Clear


SHOP SUGGESTION: We highly recommend purchasing a pack of Sure Grip ZERO NUTS to properly lock these wheels on the axle stem. Standard Jam nuts DO NOT fit nor tighten properly as the center core (offset)of this wheel is designed WIDER than normal roller skate wheels.

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Also, don't forget a set of bearings! We will gladly install them for you at your request before we ship! (Please note at checkout! :)

Check out our bearings page here:


Chaya Neon Sparkling LED Roller Skate Wheels 65x38mm 78A (4 pack) PINK

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