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BACK BRACE + 2 GEL PACKS : Ice or Heat Therapy

New and improved (Version 2.0 - June 2022)

Compression Back Brace with Ice Pack (2 Gel Packs) to Relieve Back Pain and Joint Stiffness.

☆ Breathable Knitted Material
☆ Indestructible Velcro
☆ Easy Pull Tabs on Straps
☆ Blackout Color Design


✅ Ice your back and cook dinner at the same time!
✅ Relief from Low Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, and Scoliosis.
✅ Posture Correction
✅ Lower Back support during heavy lifting
✅ Better core stability
✅ Reduces swelling
✅ Helps prevent further injury


☆ Compression Back Brace with internal pocket to hold/hot cold gel pack
☆ Hands-free: Strap it and forget it
☆ Back Brace made from knitted compression material perfect for comfort and breathability
☆ Highly Adjustable: Dual elastic bands for tension adjustment
☆ Extra Stability: Built-in vertical support stays
☆ No Slipping: Innovative silicone lining

WHEN TO WEAR (HINT: Anytime!!!)

☆ During a workout (compression)
☆ Immediately after a workout
☆ First thing in the morning when you're stiff and sore
☆ On the couch, gardening, making breakfast, standing/sitting at your desk
☆ Under or over your clothing, in a box, with a fox... you get the point

OLD BONES THERAPY Back Brace + Gel Packs


    Measure at the navel.

    ☆ S/M 27" - 34"
    ☆ L/XL 34" - 43"
    ☆ XXL 43" - 50"


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