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Night Roller Skating with light up wheels


Night skating is a great way to squeeze in roller skating after a long day during the fall and winter months. As the sun sets earlier, daylight hours are fewer. Finding ways to safely skate in the evening and at night can be concerning. Some tips are to find well-lit areas to roller skate and getting some bike lights to wear to be seen by cars and those passing by. Another great way to be seen and express your individual flare are our new Atom Pulse FLASH LED Outdoor Wheels! These come in a 4-pack in Clear, Black Smoke and Clear Pink.

Atom Pulse Flash wheels are so fire! They're perfect for winter evening night skating with your skate crew - whether night cruising with your friends -or- practicing your moves at a local basketball/tennis court or cement pad. Check them out and keep your skating skills on point over the winter!

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