The Avenger plate offers a 45 degree action and full a customized feel for the skater. 
Black Powder Coated Aluminum.

(Also available in White Powder Coated Magnesium). 


Technical Specs:

  • Pivot adjustment:
  • Pivot pins are not factory adjusted. Always adjust the pivot pins so that the ball just touches the bottom of the Delrin pivot cup.
  • The pivot pin adjustment should be checked regularly once installed. Do not assume the pivot pin adjustment is correct if no
  • movement is felt when checking the adjustment. It could be adjusted longer than necessary. Pivot pins adjusted too long can
  • cause the skate to have an unpleasant “darting” feel when skating. If the pivot pin ball does not touch the pivot cup you will be
  • able to press down on the truck assembly and feel or see a slight movement of the pivot pin into and out of the cup. Adjust the
  • pivot pin until the pressure applied to the truck no longer results in this movement. When satisfied that the pivot pin is resting
  • with slight pressure in the pivot cup, secure the pivot pin lock nut firmly against the truck housing. NEVER skate your plates with
  • the pivot pin lock nuts improperly tightened. Loose pivot pins will self-adjust and possibly damage the threads in the trucks.
  • Cushions:
  • The DA45 truck is very unique when compared to other trucks on the market. Due to its extreme angle it must use a special set
  • of cushions, one “barrel” and one “conical” cushion. We developed a special urethane with 4 different hardness levels to fine
  • tune the action of your skate.
  • Blue – 72A
  • Yellow – 79A
  • Purple – 85A
  • Red – 93A
  • Tips for tuning your action.
  • 1) Remember a stiff action may make a skater feel more stable initially, however, it has several adverse side effects. The
  • most important one to consider is the amount of force needed to make the skate do what you want it to do. The stiffer
  • the action, the harder you need to work to get the skate to turn. This effort can lead to premature wear or failure of
  • boots or worse, your feet. A simple rule of thumb. The stiffer the action, the more the SKATE controls where you are
  • going. The softer the action, the more YOU control where you are going. How is that again? You say you have
  • experienced a loose action behave like it has a mind of its own?? Not so. The skate is simply going where you tell it to
  • go and you are over correcting. The more you over correct, the more erratic the skating becomes.
  • 2) The DA45 action turns more quickly and easily than any other design on the market. It will go exactly where you tell it 

Please see our chart here for sizing information. 

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Sure Grip AVENGER Aluminum Plates