Grippy and TOUGH.
Set of two

#18 Dance Toe Stop 5/8" X 1" Small

Snyder toe stops were designed specifically to give the skater the best response possible. Snyder has 5 different toe stops to choose from depending on what you’re looking for.

 Essentially there are 3 basic sizes; small, medium, and large. The small toe stop is considered a dance toe stops, the medium is considered a junior toe stops, and the large is considered a standard toe stop. 

Adding to the basic 3 are the Advantage toe stop and the Snyder speed toe stop. The Advantage is the same size as the large but has the stem hallowed out to reduce weight; the speed stop is flattened to accommodate speed skaters that prefer to run on their toes to start a race. Whichever toe stop you choose you only get the best with Snyder. 

All Snyder toe stops use the same natural rubber compound, this makes them the ideal toe stop for any skating style where grip is needed.

Perfect for grippin on smooth indoor skating rink floors, great size to use for Jam or dance skating styles.

Also great for the smooth polished concrete surface at the skatepark.

Snyder Toe Stops - Small/ Dance