Dream Roller Skates

The Dream is an absolute color explosion that your kids’ will love to wear. They feature LED light-up wheels and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. If your child loves to sparkle and shine, then these are the skates for them!


LED Light-Up Wheels

These skates also have two different colored wheels on each boot; two glitter wheels on the inside and glitter LED light-up wheels that face the outside. The LED wheels light-up in rainbow colors and are powered by movement, meaning that they do not require any batteries! These wheels are also pure urethane on ABEC 7 bearings, meaning they are great for both indoor and outdoor skating.


Rainbow Glitter Style

The Dream comes in two colors, either black or pink, and include several unique rainbow colored features. These include rainbow laces, rainbow stitching and a glitter-infused urethane toe stop. The sneaker-style boot is topped off with an extra thick, iridescent rainbow glitter color that shimmers brightly in the light and that your child is sure to love.


Comfortable and Supportive

These skates’ classic sneaker-style boot was designed from the ground up to provide the perfect mix of comfort and support. The eye-catching sneaker has our signature thick lining and a rolled rainbow sparkle collar that will keep your kids’ comfortable as they skate the day away. The 3/4 cut of the boot and rolled collar also provide for great ankle support to help young skaters improve their skills and create a life-long love of skating.



The Dreams include a total of 4 LED light-up wheels with 2 on each skate. These ultra-bright rainbow lights are motion activated and will never need batteries, so the light-up flashing fun never needs to end!



These roller skates feature a whole set of color-coordinated accessories specifically selected to make them shine; including sparkling rainbow laces, intricate rainbow stitching and glittering toe stops.



The Dream quad roller skates are topped with an iridescent rainbow shimmer collar that is packed with color and sparkle, while also designed with the perfect amount of padding for comfort and support.