Rocket Roller Skates

The Rocket Roller Skate is the perfect skate for any age or skill level. They feature a comfortable classic rink style and are made from top quality materials, all brought together at an affordable price. You won’t find this mix of performance and value anywhere else! They make the perfect gift for any birthday, holiday or other celebration.


Classic Rink Style

The Rocket is a classic sneaker-style skate that looks at home anywhere, either in the streets or racing around the rink. It was designed specifically with comfort in mind, and as such features our signature soft lining and a comfort padded, rolled collar. The mid-length cut of the boot also provides the perfect amount of ankle support for novice and intermediate skaters. The Rocket, which comes in a selection of several different colors, can also be upgraded with our Illumin8 LED wheels for bright, light-up fun!


High Performance

These quad roller skates were built from the ground up with top-quality parts to provide a fun skating experience. The urethane wheels and toe stop make the skates ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces, and the ABEC-3 bearings will provide for a smooth roll. The nylon plates help to make the skates nice and light, which helps make them more maneuverable for young skaters. Finally, our one-bolt adjustment system allows you to quickly and easily adjust the turning radius of the skate to math your child’s skill level. This means that beginners can have a more stable ride while advanced skaters can enjoy sharper and faster turning. All of these components come together to make the Rocket a great choice for your boy or girl!




The Rocket features a stylish sneaker-style boot with a 3/4 raised and rolled collar that provides the perfect amount of ankle support.


This quad skate features top quality components including ABEC 3 bearings and pure urethane wheels that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor skating.


The wide wheel base provides an excellent stable platform to help beginner skaters find their balance and gain experience.


  • Remember there are slight variations in Sizes between
    brands. We have listed the length of the innersole next
    to each size when purchasing - Please measure the
    length of your feet with a ruler to confirm your size.